Whether your organization is anticipating the retirement of a senior executive or you’re building a framework for an eventual exit, it’s important to establish a management succession plan. Employees, board members, vendors, clients, and other external stakeholders want to know your ship isn’t going to capsize after an abrupt departure  or a long-planned retirement.

Leadership transition may sound simple, but it’s often a complex planning process that can take several years to get right. Nothing less than the future of your business depends on your leadership planning process, which may include identifying and training key team members now.

This episode of the First Business Bank Podcast discusses:

  • Workforce planning and training
  • How to build your leadership pipeline
  • Timeline considerations surrounding retirement and replacement
  • Internal communications and transparency during leadership transitions

After more than 30 years of working with businesses, we’ve not only learned from their experiences but also our own as we run a complex financial services company. Let our experience be your guide as you implement thoughtful leadership transition at your organization.