Banks are businesses, too, and require specialized financial skills and experience to operate efficiently and forecast accurately. National banks have entire teams dedicated to their investment portfolios and running their Asset Liability Management (ALM). What can you do if you’re a regional or community bank? The answer may be outsourcing to cost-efficient experts.

This episode of the First Business Bank Podcast introduces the First Business Bank Consulting team as they discuss their experience and reasons why financial institutions outsource these specialized functions, such as access to:

  • Experts with decades of professional experience across many banks without paying a full-time salary and benefits
  • Independent, unbiased opinions about investment securities
  • Peace of mind that accompanies working with a consistent provider
  • Cost-efficient, transparent charges for all services

Asset Liability Management is part of the DNA within First Business Bank, as founder Jerry Smith ran an asset liability consulting firm before he started First Business Bank more than 30 years ago. Since that time, we’ve learned from other banks and our own as we run a complex financial services company. 

Outsourcing ALM, Investment Portfolio Services, and ALM Process Validation allows you to focus on your other priorities while ensuring that you still receive high-quality data, recommendations, and balance sheet management services to achieve your goals.