Tim Keane, founder of RTMS, Golden Angels Investors, and Keane Consultants, and an investor, joins us to discuss entrepreneurship, investing, risk, and his next chapter in life. Tim formerly served as a member of First Business Bank's Southeast Wisconsin & Kansas City Metro Advisory boards and as a board member of First Business Financial Services, Inc.
In this podcast episode, First Business Bank’s Private Wealth President, Brendan Freeman, talks with Tim Keane about:

  • Capital formation advice for entrepreneurs
  • Leveraging experience to formulate successful opportunities
  • Balancing risk-taking with diversification
  • How some angel investors evaluate potential investments
  • Ways to think about facing challenges
  • Defining success and joy over and above cash flow

Listen to this episode of the First Business Bank Podcast for a dynamic conversation about facing challenges and defining success with noteworthy entrepreneur and investor Tim Keane.