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You deserve a certified financial planner who is committed to helping you reach your short-term and long-term goals with strategic planning and great foresight.

As a high net worth individual, your focus is on maximizing your investments while achieving your numerous financial objectives. 

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Whether you own a business or had a recent financial gain, we help you understand your complex finances and organize them efficiently.

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With more wealth comes more financial opportunity. Achieve a clear goal-setting approach in your Financial Planning so you know when to focus on what.

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Take advantage of our 100 years of combined experience to help you make the best decision when it comes to investing, spending and saving money. We always put your needs first.  

The People Guiding You To Better Investment Management Decisions

Meet the investment experts using the latest data to help you strategically capitalize on your investments.

Read Enlighten Articles for Expert Financial Guidance

Articles in this issue of Enlighten, published by First Business Bank's Private Wealth team, examine a variety wealth topics under the lens of change. From philanthropic legacy planning to avoiding emotional investing, our experts guide you to help you protect and grow your wealth.

Discover how to invest in your success

Stay up to date with the most recent investment strategies and effective ways to maximize your wealth for the future.
10 Steps to Improve Your Finances This Year


10 Steps to Improve Your Finances This Year

Every year, we make resolutions and set goals to improve our overall well-being.
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Ignore Your Credit Report At Your Own Risk

Having an unpaid medical bill, even one as little as $50.00, can affect your credit score. Typically, if you don’t
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A Conversation With Jan Eddy

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