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Jennifer Verbrigghe, CTFA, CFP®️

Vice President II - Trust Advisor

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Jennifer Verbrigghe, CTFA, CFP®️

About Jennifer

Jennifer Verbrigghe, CTFA, CFP®, is a Trust Advisor with over 20 years of experience helping clients maximize and protect their wealth. She works closely with families on achieving their financial goals, estate planning, financial education, tax planning, and preparing the next generation for inheritance. Jennifer believes in establishing a comprehensive plan that adjusts over time as your life changes, focusing closely on each family’s specific goals.

Prior to joining First Business Bank, Jennifer was with Northern Trust, having spent time in both Chicago and Milwaukee with roles in Wealth Management, Family Office Services, and Tax. She has earned the Certified Trust and Financial Advisor designation, and is a Certified Financial Planner™️ professional. Jennifer holds a degree in Economics from the University of Michigan, and hails from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She is the Chair of the Endowment Committee and member of the Board of Directors at Next Door Foundation, and a Board Member with Waukesha County Estate Planning Council.

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