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Ninos Youkhana

Junior Operations Associate - Collections - Accounts Receivable Financing

  • First Business Specialty Finance, LLC
  • subsidiary of First Business Bank
Ninos Youkhana

About Ninos

Ninos Youkhana joined First Business Bank as Junior Operations Associate - Collections - Accounts Receivable Financing in 2022. He has more than eight years of client service experience and is personable, hardworking, and driven.

In his personal life, Ninos helps to manage one of the biggest Orthodox basketball tournaments in North America, the Ahepa Marrow tournament, which helps donate bone marrow to people in need. Since 2010, they have had 15,320 donors, which has helped saved many lives. Ninos also has been involved with trading and investing in cryptocurrencies since 2015, familiarizing himself with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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