While riding along the beautiful backroads of Iowa County last week guiding one of our First Business monthly group rides, it hit me. No, not a bug…a concept. What a truly amazing way for busy professionals to accomplish so many things at one time. Just think about the numerous possibilities to enhance your personal efficiency. For example:

  1. Consider how many super-cool people you’ll have the opportunity to network with. Young, old, male, female…it doesn’t matter. Cycling is a sport that embraces and encourages all. By the time you work the group from front to back along the route, you’ll be amazed at who you meet and what you learn. The group of prospective new acquaintances won’t be limited to a finite number of people like a foursome. 
  2. Need to find time to incorporate your personal wellness program? It doesn’t get much better than cycling 20-30 miles to burn off a few thousand calories, increase your heart rate and improve your core strength all at the same time!
  3. Stimulate your senses. There’s nothing like rolling down a quiet country road with the breeze rolling over your shoulders, the smell of fresh cut alfalfa and rural Wisconsin scenery at its best.
  4. Clear your mind of the worries of work with your only concerns being left or right at the next intersection and when the sun sets.
  5. Build new relationships and tell tales about the 18% grade climb you just climbed and the top speed you cranked out on the descent! Geek out and talk tech about your new carbon fiber frame or the 3 grams you just reduced on your bike weight by re-taping your bars!
  6. Maximize your ROI. Once you make the initial investment in your ride and gear, all you have left to do is ride with minimal additional capital to be invested over many years. The last time I checked, there were no road fees to reap all the aforementioned benefits, unlike some other sports.
  7. Stimulate the local economy by patronizing any of our local outstanding bike shops. And if you’re like me (a mechanical moron), you’d better build a good relationship with a bike mechanic!
  8. If you need any more reasons to join a ride, you can celebrate your accomplishments at the end of the road with your new bike buddies by raising a cold one at a nearby pub!

Talk about epic efficiency! There you have it. A rock sold business case to get on that bike and join in on a good group ride! Keep the rubber side down and the wind at your back. See you on the road!