A generation ago, employees expected to work most of their careers at the same organization, but now it’s not uncommon for them to change jobs, or even careers, every few years. The latest tenure data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that wage and salary employees have been with their current employer a median 4.1 years.

While First Business Bank has a large share of employees who have been here more than 15 and even 20 years (shout out!), we also welcome back “boomerang employees” quite often. A boomerang employee is one who worked with us previously and find their way back again.

The culture we’ve built makes it inviting for some employees to return to us. Samantha (Sam) Gaginella, Senior Client Relationship Specialist, is one of those treasured boomerang employees we were fortunate to welcome back in 2021 after asking her to return to fill an important role on our team.

Loan Support Role in 2010

Sam originally joined First Business Bank in 2010 in loan support and servicing, where she worked on a team that helps to ensure loan applications have the necessary documentation, prepares loan closing documents and loan modification agreements, and much more.

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“While I was at First Business Bank, I appreciated learning more about the documentation and operations side of commercial lending,” Sam said. “Before this role in loan support, I had spent 13 years working more directly with clients and lenders, and I missed those interactions. At that time, there were no other open positions at the bank with that type of role, so I decided to take some time off to spend with my daughters, as my youngest was less than a year old at the time.”

Return to First Business Bank

Sam took a few months off and returned to the world of financial services. Fast forward to 2021 — a critical client-facing role opened here at First Business Bank due to an internal promotion. Two of our senior lenders had worked with Sam at another bank over the years, so they both reached out to her about the position. She was hesitant about making the change because she was happy in her position and had made close relationships with her co-workers and clients. However, after speaking with several people, she decided to return to First Business Bank

“They brought this position to my attention and helped to convince me to make a change — for the better,” said Sam. “They have both been very supportive in my first couple of months back at First Business Bank.”

Mentors Make a Difference

Mentors are an important part of new and boomerang employees’ experiences at First Business Bank. We try to assign a Personal Employee Experience Resource (PEER) mentor to each new hire so they have a colleague, who is not their manager, to contact for questions and camaraderie to kickstart a positive experience. Sam also was delighted that some coworkers from 2010 still remain.

“Jen Braico is my PEER and I have appreciated her guidance and getting to know her,” Sam said. “Lisa Allen and Melanie Lein Cass have been very welcoming and helpful with my learning of the systems and processes. Debbie Meysembourg started at the same time as me back in 2010 and we worked closely together in the loan servicing group. It’s been great working with her again and she has been a very knowledgeable resource for all my documentation process questions.” 

Looking Forward with First Business Bank

With almost 25 years of experience in banking, Sam says she is excited about her position as Senior Client Relationship Specialist. “I’m doing what I know and enjoy every day and being able to work with such a great team again is exciting,” Sam said.

As a team player who has experience at a few banks over the years, Sam knows what it takes to succeed in financial services. Her solid advice will work for anyone looking to make a difference in a company today. “Work hard and put in the extra effort,” she said. “Take excellent care of our clients, show appreciation of team members and all that they do for us, and always remember that we’re in this together.”