The ongoing manufacturing workforce shortage calls for smarter ways to increase capacity without adding staff. When strategic investments in automation are planned thoughtfully, they help manufacturers improve output, efficiency, and employee retention as they upskill their workforce.

From WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, Carol Crawford, Senior Consultant, and Colin Wilson, Senior Consultant, share keys to success when implementing a multi-faceted manufacturing automation plan. Check out this episode of the First Business Bank Podcast for an in-depth discussion about:

  • Getting started on the automation planning process
  • Involving stakeholders as you consider manufacturing automation
  • Driving employee buy-in and engagement with communication
  • Considering back-office automation options for manufacturers
  • Starting with small automation projects including details of examples from manufacturing firms

Embarking on a manufacturing automation project doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By starting small, you can consider all the variables in the manufacturing automation planning process, which will help launch a successful larger automation strategy. Thank you to WMEP Manufacturing Solutions for contributing their expertise to our manufacturing podcast series. Make sure to check out the rest of our podcasts and resources for manufacturers.