Workforce challenges in manufacturing began in the 1990s with an aging Baby Boomer workforce and fewer skilled workers to replace them. It persists today with the added complexity of increased demand for products, higher costs, and supply chain bottlenecks.

In this episode of the First Business Bank podcast, George Bureau, Vice President of Consulting Services of WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, shares how their private, nonprofit consulting firm helps manufacturers make changes every day to improve their overall manufacturing business operations. He also discusses:

  • A brief history of current workforce challenges in manufacturing
  • What manufacturers can control and what they can’t
  • Lessons from successful manufacturers who are recruiting and retaining employees
  • Getting an objective perspective on your reputation as an employer in your region and industry and working to improve it
  • Non-financial ways smaller, good manufacturing companies can compete for skilled talent
  • Creating a purpose-driven culture to help build loyalty
  • The outlook for workforce challenges in manufacturing in the near future

It’s our pleasure to host George and make available the slide he references in the podcast.

With the right plan in place, taking small steps can lead to big results and pay off in the long run for manufacturers. Building your workforce internally is a critical place to start to help your firm weather forces beyond its control and thrive in the coming years.