The workforce crisis in manufacturing has been brewing for more than a decade, but there are several ways you can influence this within your organization to successfully staff your manufacturing company. This episode of the First Business Bank Podcast hosts Joe Brown, Senior Consultant with WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, discussing recruiting in manufacturing and how manufacturers can move the needle to attract the best candidates. They also talk about:

  • employer branding and the difference it makes in recruiting
  • attractive benefits, like offering more time off earlier and educational support
  • creating a customized training center for your manufacturing firm
  • creative ways to let new hires know they’re part of the team
  • strengthening HR and increasing effectiveness around recruiting

Recruiting is competitive for manufacturers, but there are initiatives you can plan and start right now in your company to start attracting workers, even if you’re a small manufacturing firm. We’re grateful to WMEP Manufacturing Solutions for their expertise for this manufacturing podcast episode. Make sure to check out the rest of our podcasts and resources for manufacturers.