It’s nearly impossible to name a business with no equipment needs. (Let us know if you think of one!) Businesses in all types of industries need specialized or heavy equipment, so this episode of the First Business Bank Podcast kicks off our discussions with two of our Equipment Finance experts. They briefly touch on offering financing for equipment from the seller, manufacturer, or distributor side of the transaction, and then focus on acquiring capital equipment. At First Business Bank, we work with business owners in both scenarios and have valuable experience and insights to share.  

As a business acquiring new, used, or rental equipment, why would you consider equipment financing over traditional commercial lending? This episode gets to the bottom of those competitive advantages for your business, including: 

  • Potential tax advantages for your business with equipment financing 
  • Access to experienced experts with industry equipment expertise 
  • A customized approach to ensure your business acquires equipment efficiently 
  • Specialized equipment finance solutions for seasonal businesses, such as construction or agriculture 
  • Convenience of a streamlined application process 

Choosing an equipment finance partner for your business is more than just terms and interest rates. An experienced equipment financing provider will look at your entire business and how you plan to grow over the useful life of the equipment to create a smart solution for your business that you’ll appreciate for years to come.