The 2023 Wisconsin Manufacturing Report, now in its third year, effectively captures the perspectives of manufacturing executives in Wisconsin. It provides an insightful analysis of the current state and future outlook of their businesses, while also addressing major factors affecting their operations and workforce. 

This report is derived from a comprehensive review of 415 responses of manufacturing executives and insights gathered from five focus groups held statewide. Key highlights from the 2023 Wisconsin Manufacturing Report, which notably reflect the pulse of the manufacturing sector in Wisconsin, include:

  • Ongoing worker shortages threatening business growth
  • Shifting focus from supply chain and inflation concerns
  • Manufacturers want to grow through new customers and markets
  • Optimism about their companies pairs with skepticism about the economy
  • Investing in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to address worker shortage

The Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing Productivity (WCMP) commissioned this study in collaboration with WMEP Manufacturing Solutions (WMEP) and the University of Wisconsin-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center (MOC). The Wisconsin Manufacturing Report is sponsored by First Business Bank.