Just as the workforce crisis reaches new heights, more banks than ever are dealing with new investment portfolio challenges and responsibilities. Banks are looking for bottom-line income and there are many ways a bank’s Investment Portfolio can miss its target without solid strategies in place. A bank’s Investment Portfolio isn’t as simple as “select and forget” and requires specialized expertise to manage productively and consistently.

This episode of The First Business Bank Podcast features the President of our Bank Consulting team discussing:

  • Challenges bank financial leaders need to navigate in the current business climate
  • What’s involved in establishing an investment committee
  • Who to consider including on the investment committee
  • How often an investment committee should meet and what they should do
  • Trends in bank Investment Portfolios today
  • Advice for selecting a broker to work with for the long term

Positioning your bank for a strong future requires a fundamentally strong Investment Portfolio strategy, which can be difficult if you’re lacking the specialized expertise required. Fortunately, First Business Bank’s Bank Consulting team has the experience to help you plan and execute an Investment Portfolio strategy, building the skills, knowledge, confidence, and experience of your own team along the way.