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Once you download the app, you will need assistance from the First Business TM Support team to activate your token license. Please contact support at the phone number below for help completing that activation process.

Treasury Management Support Hours: 8:00AM to 5:00PM CST — Monday-Friday

WI Region: 608-232-5938
KC Region: 913-717-6464

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Once a company user authenticates their identity with their current assigned authentication method, they can begin the software token activation process. Activation is basically a five-step process:

Step 1: After you download and open the app, select Scan Online Image to Activate Your DIGIPASS. Attempt to log in to Online Business Banking – you will be brought to the Set Up Software Token Sign On Page. Use your phone to capture the quick response (QR) code on your screen that contains the software token license.

Step 2: Enter a device code from the token app into Online Business Banking.

Step 3: Scan a second QR code that appears on your screen. This code contains configuration data that links the device with the token license.

Step 4: After the 2nd QR code is scanned, the app presents the user with options to create a local password or set up the fingerprint unlock feature. Whichever feature you select is the method you must use each time you want the app to create a one-time password. You can switch to the other authentication method at any time using the app settings.

Step 5: Enter a one-time password provided by the token app into Online Business Banking.



Can some users at my company continue to use the hard token devices and some use the software mobile tokens?
Absolutely! However, each user must use one or the other – users cannot use both types of tokens concurrently.

Is there a grace period for activating software tokens once the service is enabled for a user?
A software token user can delay activation and still access Online Business Banking. However, the user will need to activate their soft token in order to approve any ACH or Wire transactions.


Consumer Bill Payment clients may see a one-time pop up message when accessing the Bill Payment section of Online Banking informing you about heightened Virtual Card payment security.

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Access to our Remote Deposit Capture system is intermittently unavailable; users may not be able to access it at this time. We are working to restore access as possible. If you have questions, please contact us at:

  1. Wisconsin Region: 608-232-5938
  2. Kansas Region: 913-717-6464