1. Kevin Kane, President – Southeast Wisconsin Market
  2. Chase Kostichka, Senior Vice President – Director of Commercial Real Estate Banking
  3. Matt Krutza, Vice President – Director of Private Wealth & Wealth Advisor, NMLS #569996
  4. Kim Preston, Senior Vice President – Director of Treasury Management
  5. Bryan Swanson, Senior Vice President – Director of Commercial Banking

In 2000, ten years after First Business Bank was founded in Madison, Wisconsin, our office in Southeast Wisconsin opened. Since then, more than 20 years ago, our Southeast Wisconsin team has developed a reputation for integrity, transparency, experience, and client service, all leading to client success, growth, and recognition.

Kevin Kane, Kim Preston, Matt Krutza, Bryan Swanson, and Chase Kostichka posing for a pictureBut it’s not just skilled individuals who make a difference at First Business Bank. It turns out that building skilled teams who enjoy working together for the benefit of clients and our communities really does make a difference. Through this model, we can offer even better services and build a place where the most skilled and dedicated people want to work. 

Let’s shine a spotlight on five banking leaders in our Southeast Wisconsin office, leaders who not only embrace these beliefs but also work together to go above and beyond. Along with their skilled and dedicated coworkers, they are changing the way we think about excellent client service.

Kevin Kane, President – Southeast Wisconsin Market

headshot of Kevin KaneAt the helm of First Business Bank's Southeast Wisconsin office, Kevin Kane leads our team with a vision shaped by nearly 40 years in banking. His journey, which began as a credit analyst, progressed through various leadership roles at M&I and BMO Harris Bank, where he led Commercial Lending and Treasury Management teams. Kevin developed a well-rounded perspective and built a career working across a wide range of industries, from the middle market to Fortune 1000 companies, including international and cross-border businesses, guiding them to achieve their financial and strategic goals.

Kevin enjoys contributing to our community through his roles on the Marquette University School of Banking Advisory Board and the Waukesha County Business Alliance Policy Board. His passion for financial literacy extends to his service on the Finance Committee of SecureFutures, a nonprofit that supports financial literacy among teens in Southeast Wisconsin.

Why did you join First Business Bank?

After reorganization at BMO, Kevin Kane found his place at First Business Bank, reuniting with respected former M&I associates like Corey Chambas, Brad Quade, and Dave Seiler. Kevin’s decision was deeply rooted in his banking ethos and his commitment to the middle-market sector.

"Joining First Business Bank was an opportunity to return to my roots with people I held in high regard," he says, highlighting the personal connections that influenced his career. 

First Business Bank’s focus on a diverse range of business sectors, combined with a culture that resonates with his values, cemented his decision. 

"I loved First Business Bank’s focus on local businesses and high standards of client service," Kevin says, underscoring the alignment with his own principles. His passion for integrity and his drive to assist business owners in achieving their visions were paramount. "Being really focused on business owners and the companies they lead, helping them get to where they need to be — that's what matters," Kevin reflects. The power of an engaged, purpose-driven team at First Business Bank excites him: "I look forward to coming to work every day because I'm surrounded by dedicated individuals who are all pulling in the same direction. It's not about your title or your role here, but collectively, we put our heads together and get the job done for our clients.”

How do you help clients at First Business Bank?

With four decades of banking expertise, Kevin Kane’s tenure provides valuable insights. His journey through various economic cycles and shifts in the market helps him guide clients through the complexities of financial decision-making. 

"Over the years, I’ve gained a pretty unique perspective," Kevin explains. "Having worked with so many different types of businesses, in terms of both size and the industry sectors they compete in, I've developed an understanding of what can be challenging and what drives success. This isn't just about technical skills in Commercial Lending or Treasury Management; it's about sharing this knowledge to guide our clients and support them." He adds, "With the shifts in the market and economy over the years, I can offer our clients and team a long-term viewpoint, helping them make good decisions that foster sustainable growth and create value."

Chase Kostichka, Senior Vice President – Director of Commercial Real Estate Banking 

Headshot of Chase KostichkaChase Kostichka began his banking career during his last year of college as a teller in Stevens Point, Wis. Now, with nearly 20 years of experience, his work and dedication distinguish him as a leader in First Business Bank's Southeast Wisconsin market. 

Chase’s promotion to Senior Vice President – Director of Commercial Real Estate Banking in 2023 highlights a career centered on supporting business growth and managing financial risk. He is also actively involved in his community, volunteering as a youth sports coach.

Why did you join First Business Bank?

Chase traces his career journey back to his early days at M&I Bank. “I was accepted into M&I’s corporate banking training program, and then I was placed into the correspondent banking division led by Dave Seiler (current President of First Business Financial Services, Inc., parent company of First Business Bank.) First Business Bank was a client of ours,” he says.

"During my time in correspondent banking, I worked closely with Jim Ropella, former CFO of First Business Bank,” Chase says. “The relationship was instrumental in building my understanding of First Business Bank's strong performance and values," he explains.

His transition to First Business Bank was driven by reputation, performance, and cultural fit. "I wasn't actively looking to make a career move, but at the time, I was driving from Waukesha… past all these companies to call on businesses in Chicago. I’m from a small town, and I wanted to be part of the town I lived in and make an impact there. I jumped at the chance to join First Business Bank because I know those opportunities don’t come by often," Chase shares. "The chance to work with a team I admired, in a place I call home, was too good to pass up."

His journey at First Business Bank began in C&I Lending before he took on a role in Commercial Real Estate Banking. "I've had the privilege of having great mentors here. What’s remarkable about First Business Bank is the accessibility to leadership and guidance, not just for me but for everyone," he says.

How do you help clients at First Business Bank?

There are a few ways Chase says First Business Bank goes above and beyond for its clients. First and foremost, First Business Bank’s experts work as a team across multiple specialties to help clients. 

“Our clients always get a live person to help them,” he says. “Someone gets back to them in short order. The ability to get decision-makers involved quickly in terms of credit and in other areas is a very unique thing to First Business Bank. We strive to be an efficient and fluid organization with a flat structure. I can walk down the hall and have a conversation – not just about Commercial Lending but about Treasury Management, Private Wealth, SBA Lending, and Equipment Finance. A lot of banks talk about relationship banking, but they’re very siloed — not all together and interacting on a daily basis. We are, and that goes a long way.” 

In a nod to relationship banking, Chase says First Business Bank goes beyond financial services to help clients. “We don’t want to just lend money — everyone can do that. We want to be a partner and figure out ways to help them that they may not have thought of. We want to be a resource they can turn to for ideas.”

Matt Krutza, Vice President – Director of Private Wealth & Wealth Advisor, NMLS #569996

headshot of Matt KrutzaIn 2021, Matt Krutza stepped into the role of Vice President – Director of Private Wealth & Wealth Advisor at First Business Bank, bolstering the Private Wealth team with over a decade of expertise. His career is distinguished by extensive experience in Investment Management, Private Banking, and Financial and Estate Planning. He earned an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AMWA®) designation, licenses in Wisconsin Life and Health Insurance, and FINRA 6 and 66 Securities licenses.

A native of Monroe, WI, Matt is an alumnus of Edgewood College, where he majored in Marketing and Finance. He contributes to the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County’s Emerging Leaders Council.

Why did you join First Business Bank?

Matt Krutza's journey to First Business Bank encompasses familiarity, competition, and, ultimately, alignment of values and vision. He began his career at U.S. Bank in Madison. "Working at U.S. Bank, I knew a lot about First Business Bank and often encountered them competitively," he recalls. A family friend also was a member of First Business Bank's Advisory Board. "We would discuss what we observed at U.S. Bank and First Business Bank. He always had high regard for the team at First Business Bank," Matt says.

After moving to Milwaukee, he says a few of his colleagues moved over to First Business Bank. After a few years, he was introduced to Brendan Freeman, First Business Bank’s President of Private Wealth, and other senior leaders after a recruiter reached out about his role. Matt says he found a strong cultural fit and was drawn to the position. 

"The opportunity to work directly with clients and lead a team was the perfect mix for me — a player/coach role," he explains. "The stars aligned. It was partly about who I knew but also about getting to know everyone during the interview process."

How do you help clients at First Business Bank?

Matt emphasizes the dual pillars of people and process as keys to how he and his team at First Business Bank assist clients. Matt highlights the crucial role of the team, consisting of wealth advisors, portfolio managers, and trust advisors, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. This team approach is fundamental to their strategy.

For Matt, the core of their service lies in their promise to clients. "Every client and family is unique," he says, stressing the importance of asking probing questions and understanding what matters most to clients. This deep understanding allows the team to leverage their expertise in making tailored recommendations. "Allowing the client to help tell their story is where our best work comes in," he observes. The combination of the right people and a meticulous process not only sets them apart but is also a testament to the strength of their team. "The people and the process are our competitive advantage. It's all about the team," Matt says.

Kim Preston, Senior Vice President – Director of Treasury Management

Headshot of Kim PrestonKim Preston, an accomplished professional with more than 35 years in financial services, is an approachable and experienced leader. With more than 31 years dedicated to First Business Bank, Preston steers the Treasury Management team, focusing on helping clients enhance business cash flow, prevent fraud, improve operational efficiency, and maximize earnings. Her extensive expertise spans Treasury Management, operations, client services, business development, and internal audit.

Beyond her professional role, Kim is deeply committed to community service. She currently serves as the Board Chair for Elmbrook Humane Society, Chair of the Facilities and Nominating Committee, and is on the United Way Campaign on the Leadership Cabinet. She is a member of Tempo Milwaukee and Milwaukee Women, Inc. Kim is the Past Chair of the Women and Girls Fund of Waukesha County and served as a Board Member and Governance Chair for Easter Seals SE Wisconsin. Her volunteer history includes impactful work with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha County, Feeding America, and Pathfinders.

Why did you join First Business Bank?

After nine years in banking in Illinois, Kim Preston said she was second-guessing her career. "I was on the brink of leaving banking altogether to explore new paths," she recalls. Her encounter with First Business Bank in its founding years was through a newspaper ad for a Client Services Representative. The interviewing process left a lasting impression on her. "It was clear from the outset that First Business Bank was where I wanted to be," she says.

Kim remembers her second interview in a conference room at the South Central Wisconsin office, where Jerry Smith, bank founder and then the bank's president, propped his feet up on the coffee table. "He was so warm and welcoming, and I felt a connection right away," she shares. This encounter exemplified the bank's culture—a flat organizational structure where even the president is approachable and well-connected with the team. Kim emphasizes how the bank prioritizes staff happiness and empowerment, which contributes to a positive client experience. 

From her position in Client Services, Kim went on to manage Client Services in our South Central Wisconsin Market and then moved to a Treasury Management role. After several years, she accepted an opportunity to move to the new Southeast Wisconsin office. “It was a neat opportunity to come and grow this market from the ground up,” Kim says. 

How do you help clients at First Business Bank?

Kim Preston’s approach to client engagement at First Business Bank is deeply rooted in a philosophy of personalized, high-touch service. “We’re like Cheers — where everyone knows your name,” she often tells new clients. Leading a dedicated Treasury Management team, Kim emphasizes the importance of a white-glove service approach. “Our team takes the time to get to know our clients personally. There are no 800 numbers here; we know you personally,” she says.

“We’re proactive, and the service aspect is super important,” Kim states. Kim and her team go beyond routine interactions, engaging in discussions about Treasury Management, new technologies, and ways to enhance efficiency or revenue opportunities. “At least once a year, we’re talking and reviewing their Treasury Management relationship.” This approach includes regular check-ins and acting as an extension of the client’s team. “Some clients I meet with on a quarterly basis,” she adds.

First Business Bank’s advantage is clear: “There’s not another bank in our market with five people in Treasury Management dedicated just to clients,” Kim says. “With our business focus, we have more time to spend with them.” She firmly believes that taking care of clients is paramount; otherwise, they would be looking elsewhere. Her approach exemplifies a commitment to building strong, long-lasting relationships through dedicated, personalized service.

Bryan Swanson, Senior Vice President – Director of Commercial Banking

headshot of Bryan SwansonBryan Swanson brings a dynamic blend of expertise and passion to his role as Senior Vice President – Director of Commercial Banking at First Business Bank since 2021. With more than two decades of banking experience, he began as a senior analyst, transitioning to a credit officer, and then to a Commercial Banking relationship manager in 2005. His leadership journey started in 2014, focusing on roles with increasing management responsibilities. At First Business Bank, Bryan plays a crucial role in guiding the Commercial Banking team to support clients with innovative financial solutions for their growth strategies. 

In the community, he volunteers as a Director of Safe & Sound, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering safe and empowered neighborhoods in Greater Milwaukee.

Why did you join First Business Bank?

After completing his undergraduate degree in accounting, Bryan realized that public accounting wasn’t his calling and pursued a graduate degree in finance. “Banking found me,” he says. “I wasn’t ever looking at being a banker.” After beginning his career at Strong Funds, Bryan had a choice between a role as a senior analyst at a regional bank or managing the overnight trade desk for the Asian market. The favorable schedule won.

In 2004, as a Senior Credit Officer, he shifted toward business development, which he pursued until he was asked to lead business development. However, a bank merger gave him second thoughts. Despite offers to stay, Bryan decided to explore options, engaging with several banks. After careful consideration, he narrowed his choices to three, ultimately selecting First Business Bank. “The bank aligned with the culture I knew previously — one that I enjoyed,” he explains. Another factor was his great respect for Brad Quade, now Chief Credit Officer at First Business Bank.

Bryan also cites First Business Bank’s credit culture, direct client engagement, and quick decision-making process, which is often lacking in larger institutions. “The best thing we can do is not get in the way of customers running their business,” he asserts.

How do you help clients at First Business Bank?

Bryan’s approach to client service at First Business Bank is characterized by a blend of efficiency, collaboration, and familial camaraderie. Reflecting on his experience working at First Business Bank, Bryan says, "Unequivocally early on, I said, it's either the honeymoon period, I'm drinking the Kool-Aid, or it's what I thought it was. I think it's what I thought it was." He finds the executive leadership to be curious, inquisitive, and supportive, which aligns with his professional ethos.

Emphasizing the importance of agility in the banking sector, Bryan notes, "We're a $3 billion institution that still has two loan committees a week because speed to market and collaboration are vital to us." This approach ensures that clients and prospects aren’t left waiting for answers, addressing a common pitfall in banking where processes often slow down decision-making.

Bryan likens the culture at First Business Bank to that of a family, where a sense of mutual respect and support is prevalent. "It's like we're brothers and sisters – we fight occasionally, but at the end of the day, we're family," he says, highlighting the close-knit nature of their team. He says this environment fosters open dialogue, where being asked "Why?" in loan committee meetings is not a challenge but a sign of active listening and genuine interest in diverse perspectives. This contrasts sharply with the top-down, one-way communication that characterizes many other banking cultures.

Led by visionaries like Kevin Kane, Chase Kostichka, Matt Krutza, Kim Preston, and Bryan Swanson, First Business Bank’s Southeast Wisconsin Market team embodies the core values of integrity, client service, and community involvement. Their leadership, marked by decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, sets a benchmark for inspiring guidance and proactive client service. This team goes above and beyond, changing the way we think about banking and building lasting relationships based on trust and exceptional service.